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Card Codes Extractor

Card codes Extractor

Copy all the codes in your collection.


  • Run the k!collection or kc command
    • Not only from k!collection, actually @Keqing also have this ability to extract codes from k!view, k!inventory and atrace commands.
  • Press the πŸ“ reaction.​
    • For non-premium servers, you need to add the πŸ“ (:pencil:) reaction manually.
  • Next page
    • Keqing supports multiple pages. Just change the page and it will add them until it reaches 50 codes.

Code Filtering​

Card codes generator

Choose the codes to be extracted from your collection.

How to use​

  • Run the k!collection command
  • Press the πŸ” reaction
    • For non-premium servers, you need to add the πŸ” (:mag:) reaction manually.
  • Type the character or symbols that will select the codes​​
  • Done
    • Click the green button when you are done.
  • Tip
    • You can also filter the codes that you want to copy, get all the codes, get all untagged codes, or get under 100 wish card codes (in one page)