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(Not) Starboard

(Not) Starboard

Display your best drops and other messages from Karuta.

How to use:

Setup the channel

First of all you need to setup the channel where the drops will be displayed. Run this commands:

Format :

  • [p]setlogchannel <#channel>

Example :

  • asetlogchannel #proe-drops

Only the members with Administration permission can use this command.

Staring the drop

Command Information

Format : [p]star

Usage :

  • Reply the drop message with [p]star command

  • Done

Important note
@Keqing bot doesn't offer you an automatic starboard, so you will have to do the [p]star command everytime manually.


"How to restrict astar command to only certain role?"

@some random owner


  • We have astaraccess command, you can use that
  • The usage is astaraccess <@role | false>