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All keqing bot command list

General commands

ahelpShows the Help Menuahelp
amathSolves your math problemsamath 1 + 1
ainviteGives you the invite link of Keqing Botainvite
apingShows the Bot's Latency/Pingaping
aserverinfoGet server info/statsaserverinfo
astatsDisplay the bot's statisticastats

Karuta commands

awishwatchPings you whenever someone's WL is droppingawishwatch
adropwatchPings you whenever Karuta is dropping cards (Server drop)adropwatch
aitemwatchPings you whenever event's item is dropping (e.g: 🍉)aitemwatch
asketchDisplay the community sketched cardsasketch [fiters]
astarLog your drop to starboard channel.astar
atopwishlistDisplay the karuta wishlist leaderboard.atopwishlist
aframesShows the available frames for frame testing.aframes
agetframesMulti frames tester.agetframes <frame type> [page] (reply)
atopframesMost tested frames on for a character.atopframes (reply)
atraceFind specific card bellow 500 printatrace [filters]
atracehideHide a card from the trace resultatracehide (reply)
atraceunhideUnHide a card from the trace resultatraceunhide (reply)
ascheduleDisplay the release schedule for upcoming cardsaschedule [filters]
agetidGet the owner informations of a karuta cardagetid (reply) to kci or kv
agetaliasGet the alias list of a characteragetalias (reply)

Admin commands

asetlogchannelSet a channel / disable the starboard featureasetlogch <#channel /false>
awishaccessEnable/disable role require for awishwatch commandawishaccess <@role /false>
astaraccessEnable/disable role require for astar commandastaraccess <@role /false>
adropaccessEnable/disable role require for adropwatch commandadropaccess <@role /false>
asetprefixChange the default prefixasetprefix <new prefix>
achannelDisable/enable frame tester & effort calculator in a channelachannel